Thank you for your interest! I am always happy to see new work so don’t hesitate to reach out. I review each submission personally and will respond within a month. **Please note we only feature photography-based work**

Please send your bio, artist statement, link to your website and/or social media channels, as well as a PDF of your available works to [email protected] (submissions without work samples will not be considered).



There are 3 options to show (and sell) your works on our site:

  • As a Featured Artist, your work is shown as an exhibit on the homepage, with prints available for sale for one year.
  • We also show stand-alone images in our Print Shop, where prints are available for sale for one year.
  • You can choose to have your images used on derivatives products (think, laptop covers, notebooks, bags..), which are sold in our Gift Shop. They can be available for sale either for a limited time or for one year.



We will define together the final selects, prices, print and edition sizes. You retain copyright to your work at all times.

Aurélie’s Gallery will handle fulfillment and customer service. We work with a master Fine Art Printer and will arrange for print tests prior to putting your work on the site.

If you add Gift Shop items, Aurélie’s Gallery will send you product mockups for review and approval prior to putting them on the site.

If you have already existing books or merchandising/ gift items you want to include, we will be happy to feature them in the Gift Shop and act as an affiliate (you will then be in charge of fulfilling the orders we receive).



You can continue selling your work as you are doing now — we require no exclusivity, except (obviously) for Limited Edition prints, which will be exclusive to Aurélie’s Gallery in the specific sizes we agreed upon.

If Aurélie’s Gallery does not sell out your Limited Edition prints, you retain the right to sell them after our one-year contract expires.



We see our working together as a partnership: while we will actively promote your work, we ask you to use your own communication channels (such as social media, newsletter, blog, etc..) to further our effort. You will need to repost/ share our posts, and send us promotional material to go along with your images.



Please contact us for information: [email protected] 


PRO TIP #1: What to include in your bio

Your bio should include some of the following: how/why you became a photographer, your education, prizes and awards that you have won, clients and magazines you work with, shows you have been featured in, etc.


PRO TIP #2: What to include in your artist statement

You can describe what inspires you as well as your techniques, work processes, and what you are trying to achieve and express with your photography.

    Show us your work! Either share your website or social media, or upload samples of your work here. Please note submissions without samples will not be considered.