Taking portraits of my family and friends was the first step in my photography. I haven’t stopped ever since.


WHY I LOVE IT, by Aurélie

I’ve known Kourosh Sotoodeh for a few years and always admired his work. It has been interesting to witness his recent move toward more personal series.

I especially love his new work, “Surf” which he shot while living in Los Angeles. The images speak of happy summer days and bring back the views, smells and sounds of crashing waves. Some of the photographs appear even abstract in nature as they show us the sea from high above, a viewpoint we rarely get. The water’s patterns and ever-changing colors unroll before us – there’s a mysterious world under them, one filled with dangerous currents and strange creatures.

Surfers experience elusive moments of beauty where humans and nature become one. The dance that exists between them and the waves is a testament to the potential for exhilarating experiences that exist around us.


Kourosh Sotoodeh is a Photographer and Director who lives and works in Los Angeles and New York City. Originally from Iran, he studied Industrial Design and Cinema before focusing on photography.

He shoots for several well-known commercial clients and prestigious fashion magazines, among them Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle

His education in art and design shapes his approach to his subjects. Both his photography and video work capture beautiful moments using a strong and minimalist aesthetic.

Portrait of Kourosh Sotoodeh on set