MARTIN ADOLFSSON: Suburbia Gone Wild (book)


This book offers a fascinating journey in our globalized world. It’s a bizarre and discomforting experience. That Swizz-looking chalet is actually in Thailand, while this house is not in some American suburb but in Egypt!

Frontiers, cultures and differences cease to exist in these artificial bubbles. Is that a view of our future?

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“Adolfsson’s discoveries reveal a world that continues to homogenize around emerging clusters of wealth aspiring to a particularly American brand of suburban life.” Mark Byrnes, Editor at The Atlantic Cities

“The extraordinary level of similarity found across these environments is stunning for its apparent coordination, as if the suburbs of the world are converging on some ideals, an as-yet-unrealized form.” Goeff Manaugh, Editor-in-Chief Gizmodo


  • Publisher: Visual Structures, LLC
  • Size: 13 H x 10 W in (33 H x 25 W cm)
  • Pages: 115


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ABOUT THE ARTIST: Martin Adolfsson is a Swedish-born photographer and artist in Brooklyn, NY. His series, Surburbia Gone Wild, explores how globalization brings uniformity and erases local cultures. It asks the question, What does it mean to be of a place if you live in a house that doesn’t pertain to that place?