When I decided to start Aurélie’s Gallery, it was clear to me it needed to reflect who I was and what I believed in. That principle was my guide when putting the business together.

Here’s what is important to me.

A is for Artists – It’s not easy being a photographer. The competition is fierce and budgets are ever-shrinking. I want the gallery to succeed so it becomes another opportunity for photographers to monetize their work. Most artists are often focused on their next project, neglecting past works… but these past works are interesting and deserve to be seen. The gallery is a way to feature them and for photographers to benefit from them.

C is for Curation – I knew early on I wanted the gallery to be personal (that’s why I used my first name for it!). The curation needed to be equally personal. I am starting with photographers I know and whose work I love, but even when I’ll expand to people I don’t personally know, the connection to the work and them will be important. If I love the images but don’t get along with the artist, I won’t sign them. Life is too short to deal with divas and jerks!

Aurélie and photographer Jimmy Katz
Aurélie and photographer Andre Baranowski
Aurélie and photographer Jazzmine Beaulieu
Aurélie and photographer Edwin Jimenez
E is for Experience – I worked for 25+ years in the photography world. I was a producer for advertising and fashion shoots, and I also started and ran a photography magazine. I met many talented photographers along the way – the gallery is to celebrate them and their work.

F is for Freedom – As my parents are getting older, I want to spend more time with them in France. That meant I couldn’t continue working as a producer in NY; I needed a new business that would allow me the flexibility to go back and forth. And with an online gallery, as long as I have an internet connection, I’m in business!

I is for Independent – Being independent has been the guiding force behind how I led my life. That’s why I left my 9-5 job in an ad agency to launch my production company at 27.

I want to work with other independent businesses and that’s one of the reasons I chose our printer. He is an incredible craftsman and artist in his own right, but I also love the fact that he works independently and carves his own slice of the world. I could have gone to some big printing company – their turnaround time was shorter for one thing – but I’d rather work one-on-one with someone I know and appreciate. I’m not just going to be a number with him. He cares… and so do I!

K is for Koala – Just because they’re cute!

L is for Learning – I learned so much working on this new business! From sale tax laws (boring) to social media rules (fascinating), my brain has been on overdrive this past year… and I love it. It has been challenging at times, but also incredibly exciting and rewarding to get out of my comfort zone and expand my horizon.

N is for New York – This city is an incredible source of inspiration and strength for me. The energy is palpable, and the “can do” attitude is infectious. I would have never done as much as I have done in my life if it was not for living there.

O is for Opportunity – I want the gallery to feature a diverse array of talent and showcase artists who might not otherwise get the opportunity. Women, people of color, non-binary… it is important to me to highlight under-represented artists. What matters is the connection I feel to the work and the person.

P is for Print On Demand – As a new business, I can’t afford to buy in bulk ahead of time. Enter Print on Demand, where the pillow or notebook you order is made just for you at that moment.

POD is less risk upfront, but it also means less waste as I am not storing a gazillion products which might not sell. Mass-produced items are cheap because they’re produced in huge quantities, allowing for economy of scale. But they generate more waste in the production process as it’s less precise and a lot of products end up in landfills as they outnumber the demand. Our partner’s printing machines create almost no wastewaters and use less energy than standard industry printers.

Moreover, Gift Shop items are produced in different locations in the US and Europe, which helps cut down shipping time and costs. Having production centers close to you also means reducing our CO2 emissions when transporting your order.

Q is for Quality – I chose my partners carefully, from our master printer to the Gift Shop fulfillment company I work with. I want you to be happy with your purchase, be it a print or a tote bag.

Manhattan skyline on a sunny day

S is for Small Business – Because that’s what Aurélie’s Gallery is!

T is for Tim – My husband and associate. He has great business sense and knows his way around websites (plus, you know, he’s a pretty good guy!).

U is for Unique – You will not find the images and related home and work accessories anywhere else!

V is for Variety – New exhibits will be coming regularly, along with beautiful images in the Print Shop. From landscapes to fashion, still life to portraits, sign up for the newsletter or follow us on social (or both) to see what’s coming next.

W is for Welcoming – I want Aurélie’s Gallery to be a welcoming space, where different people can find something to enjoy. Maybe you’re decorating your place and are looking for art for your wall? Maybe you want to read the blog and learn about photographers you might not know? Either way, I am happy you are here!