A funny thing happened when I decided to launch the gallery. I got super-crazy camera shy! Kind of a problem when you’re supposed to be the face of your company, isn’t it?

Here’s a little video presentation I shot early on that I am finally releasing. Be kind – don’t forget, being in front of a camera petrifies me! 

Let’s not forget the wonderful artists who believe in me and the gallery.

I (obviously) couldn’t do this without them! 

Close up of a black horse against a black background
White fireplace against a wall in construction
A shaded and flowery spot in a park
Japanese temple reflected on a lake
A woman dancing in a wheat field on a sunny summer day
Perspective on two different skyscrapers, each with a different architectural style and feel
Female model standing against a wall
Profile of a young woman, with her hair floating in the wind, and with superimposed tactile effects on the print
Aerial view of a surreal industrial landscape
Portrait of Ornette Coleman