I’m not sure how well know Vallhonrat is in the US, but his work was famous in France back in the 1980s and 90s, and he’s this week’s “Photographer I Love”!

His work is moody and mysterious. Nothing is clearly shown, a lot is left to the imagination. The images invite us in and let us wander. They’re not didactic or straightforward; they evoke more a feeling than tell a story or show us something clear and precise.

Born in 1953 in Spain, Javier Vallhonrat got interested in photography early on as his father was a passionate amateur photographer. At 18, while studying Fine Arts, Vallhonrat started assisting a fashion photographer.

Fashion would become his focus. After making a name for himself in Spain, he broadened his reach and became a successful and sought-after photographer for magazines and advertisers alike.

I especially love Javier Vallhonrat’s approach to color and lighting. The way he uses them creates a sort of photographic painting (or painterly photograph!).

Javier Vallhonrat’s experimentations result in striking images. They remind me of Impressionism. And to think it is all done on film, not digital! That’s magic!



© Javier Vallhonrat

Disclaimer: Aurelie’s Gallery does not represent Javier Vallhonrat. My “Photographers I love” series is purely for inspiration and to encourage discussion.

Portrait of a woman
A female model sitting on the floor in a photo studio
Fashion model throwing a scarf up in the air